Keep your eyes on me | Underwater Visual Art

I’ve been working on a variety of series the last few months, some fashion, some fine art, some commercial… Whenever I work on a particular series it takes me back to the moment we did the shoot. The magic never fades. It is always tempting to change an image or …

Posh Sauvage | Underwater Photography | Elne Pretorius

So pleased to have worked with Elne Pretorius and Lynette Arlene from Posh Sauvage Magazine to create this cover and editorial. Model: Actress and Songwriter Elné Pretorius Hair, make-up and styling: Celeste Breytenbach Assistants: Sean Moore and Jason Kemp

Posh Sauvage | Underwater Photography | Editorial

The completed underwater editorial for Posh Sauvage magazine’s Water/Spring issue. You will  find links at the bottom of the page to interviews with me and Elne. Aquatic Embrace | Posh Sauvage Magazine   Photography & Retouching, Set Design & Concept: Ilse Moore Feauturing Actress and Songwriter Elné Pretorius  Hair, make-up and …

Elsa | Behind-the-Scenes Underwater

Last year, Sean, Johan, Elsa and myself took off to Groot Mariko for an underwater shoot. The simple act of free diving in a natural body of water like this is too magical to describe, but we made the most of it and got some great images. We still have …

Part Two: The Curtain Call | Underwater Fine Art Series

 The Curtain Call Actor/Screen Writer/Musician Johan Baird At the curtain call little bits and pieces of the performer falls away,  yet standing before you is not a lesser man, but a better man. See PART ONE: THE PERFORMANCE Model: Johan Baird