Underwater Portraiture | Retrospect | Elsa Bleda

Losing yourself for a moment, is incredibly liberating. When you find yourself in the silence of a space that allows you to feel every moment, and to simply let go, it reveals a little more about who you are. Underwater portraits have a different feel. I love looking for that …

Underwater Fine Art Nude | Little Harlequin | Feuer

Honesty is rare. Finding a place where you can surrender a part of yourself that is usually kept deeply hidden can be unsettling. Vulnerability is unnerving. But the honesty in that surrender is startling. It moves us to consider our deepest uncertainties. That closed space…the silence…the moment…the gentle self awareness… …


The Great White Heron, or White Egret, in various cultures, is a symbol of grace and wisdom. Communicator with the gods and the creator of light. She is curious and noble. • Model: Yolandi Jacobsz Mua: Maureen Grobler Dress: Black Coffee •

Wanderlust | Underwater Fine Art and Portraiture

I so enjoyed this commercial shoot done for the beautiful and talented photographer Laura from Laura Jane Photography! Every one of us has a bit of wildness in us, a part that is untamed and that needs to break free. MUA: Maureen Grobler Jewelry: Amatuli Artifacts and House of Auri

What the water gave me | Underwater Fine Art Portraiture

Meet Jacki Bruniquel, a wonderful and passionate woman, someone whom I’ve truly been inspired by. It was incredible to find out how much we had in common when we first started chatting last year. We both shared a visual arts background before getting into photography full time and we are …

Posh Sauvage | Underwater Photography | Elne Pretorius

So pleased to have worked with Elne Pretorius and Lynette Arlene from Posh Sauvage Magazine to create this cover and editorial. Model: Actress and Songwriter Elné Pretorius Hair, make-up and styling: Celeste Breytenbach Assistants: Sean Moore and Jason Kemp www.poshsauvage.com http://elne.co.za/

Posh Sauvage | Underwater Photography | Editorial

The completed underwater editorial for Posh Sauvage magazine’s Water/Spring issue. You will  find links at the bottom of the page to interviews with me and Elne. Aquatic Embrace | Posh Sauvage Magazine   Photography & Retouching, Set Design & Concept: Ilse Moore Feauturing Actress and Songwriter Elné Pretorius  Hair, make-up and …