I Bring Roses | Underwater Wedding Dress

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I Bring Roses | Underwater Wedding Dress

As many of you know, Elsa and I have been working on some awesome new projects and whenever we get the chance to get together for a shoot, we try to fit in as many different sets as we can! This usually means we spend most of the day in the water, tired and freezing…

The two of us recently hooked up with the fantastic designer and creator of Feline Blush to create a stunning and colourful editorial (Wonderland Couture)… Naturally the pics have been keeping me pretty busy, but before we get to that and just for today, I thought I’d share a few images from one of our latest art shoots! These were taken after we used the actual set for the dress (coming soon), but the light was just perfect so we kept going 🙂

Model: Elsa Bleda

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