Part One: The Performance | Underwater Fine Art Series

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Part One: The Performance | Underwater Fine Art Series


 The Performance

Actor/Screen Writer/Musician
Johan Baird

Based on old Black and White comedies and films, this underwater mask and mirror series explores the multidimensional aspects of role playing using the waterline or reflection as a meeting point between reality and the psyche. The images seem theatrical as if part of a play and I enjoy how it the water itself became a part of the symbolism behind the series.

Johan has been there for everything… He has helped create outfits for Elsa, retouched makeup, held lights, set up canopies over the pool, collected set materials and shot behind-the-scenes footage. He has been my right hand man since I started working with Elsa and I am incredibly grateful.

One of the nicest and most talented guys I know 🙂

Not only is Johan a great performer in all his genre’s, but he truly believes in what he does. He has written for and starred in shows like Binnelanders and Laugh out Loud and has a string of stage productions behind his name. Keep an eye out for him in the highly anticipated and upcoming South African film Veraaiers as well as some other local creations, including political satire animation My Child and a new season of Getroud met Rugby.


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