The Chair Maker’s Daughter | Underwater Fine Art Series

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The Chair Maker’s Daughter | Underwater Fine Art Series

As you guys know, over the last year, Elsa and I have done many shoots together, but we don’t get to shoot often. Instead, whenever we get together, we try to do as much as we can. These kinds of shoots usually involve concepts and ideas unrelated to fashion, some hers, some mine. What I love about this is the fact the we are uninhibited by what we want to portray, in fact sometimes we don’t even know how something is going to turn out at all! So we just shoot…
The one thing I know is that, due to the unpredictability of the underwater world, I do not want to limit myself and miss out on something that could have been amazing. There are times when things are carefully planned out, but even then, the unexpected is what grabs my eye. I am so grateful to have Elsa who is willing to embrace this with me.
I absolutely loved this idea she had 🙂 A little bit of Alice, a little bit of Wendy…
What is your place in the world… Where is your journey taking you?

Underwater Visual Art

Model & Conceptual Styling: Elsa Bleda

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