The Disquieting II | Underwater Fine Art

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The Disquieting II | Underwater Fine Art

It’s been a while now that I have been working on the Transformation series, a theme I chose to give voice to the subtle transformations that happen within all of us due to the power of our thoughts. I’ve not spent enough time explaining my concepts and thought processes lately, and I find that a big part of what I’m trying to say and create is lost due to that.

The concept that there is a type of metamorphosis of the mind that manifests itself in the physical as certain thoughts and beliefs take a hold of us, has been one that I’ve given a lot of thought in the last few years.  Things we proclaim and the way we perceive ourselves, may manifest in ways we do not understand.  My focus is directed toward exploring the merging of the physical reality and the subconscious of an individual. Each character I have explored so far (however hastily or incomplete), have represented a psychological state-of-being that I have either experienced or witnessed.

“The Disquieting” (also here) references the dangers of delusional thinking, fear and denial. It’s that person inside all of us that often feels lost and abandoned… It has for many become a unstable place to build their home on.

Model: Elsa Bleda

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