The Lightness and the Darkness | Underwater Fine Art

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The Lightness and the Darkness | Underwater Fine Art

When I posted two similar images a while ago, I thought this image would end up forming part of the same series, but I think there’s something more mysterious about this image as a stand-alone piece.

While I’m still exploring different possibilities for my proposal towards my visual arts masters, I don’t want to limit myself in the amount of images I consider or in the different interpretations associated with each image. I’m interested in creating visuals that explore the effects of different individuals’ psychological mindsets and the ensuing character transformations. This is exactly why I like the underwater environment and prefer to make full use of its association with re-bith… be it life-giving or deadly.

Of course I don’t always stick to my initial ideas during a shoot, but I like to try new things as I think of them. I don’t have a lot of control under the water, but find that some of the most beautiful scenes happen by itself if I just let it.

Model: Elsa Bleda

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