Underwater Portraiture | Retrospect | Elsa Bleda

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Underwater Portraiture | Retrospect | Elsa Bleda

Losing yourself for a moment, is incredibly liberating. When you find yourself in the silence of a space that allows you to feel every moment, and to simply let go, it reveals a little more about who you are.
Underwater portraits have a different feel. I love looking for that moment of openness, when you see someone embrace that moment, and show a little of themselves that would normally be hidden.
It’s a genuine moment. It’s an authentic moment. It’s an experience that is true, and meaningful.
It’s not about creating an image, it’s about creating the experience.



When I look back I realize
I see the things I lost
I see the part the cost
the least, the most
I understand a little better
In retrospect

Model: Elsa Bleda
Shot in our underwater studio tank


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