What the water gave me | Underwater Fine Art Portraiture

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What the water gave me | Underwater Fine Art Portraiture

Meet Jacki Bruniquel, a wonderful and passionate woman, someone whom I’ve truly been inspired by. It was incredible to find out how much we had in common when we first started chatting last year. We both shared a visual arts background before getting into photography full time and we are also both in love with the water and everything about it.

Jacki should have been born a mermaid. She is filled with life, creativity and inspiration and her mornings are often spent in the warm East Coast waters of Durban, a tropical paradise with long, golden beaches. I wanted her shoot to reflect who she is as a person and show  her love of creative beauty combined with her love of water. I made two designs for her to wear, one free flowing kelp-like design that she could use to cradle herself in as well as a black mermaid’s tail (need I say more). I could not have asked for better…. she is talented in so many ways and simply allowed herself to become one with the water. I too shall survive by swimming. Have a look at Jacki’s incredible wedding photography here: jackibruniquel.com

I had to borrow the title from Florence and the Machine’s song for this shoot “What the water gave me”, I could not imagine a more appropriate name…

And thanks once again to my wonderful team!

Make up: Maureen Grobler

Assistants: Sean Moore and Pulane Tshabala (+ behind the scenes footage)

Special thanks to Cate Terblance for the use of her beautiful pool!

Jacki Ilse Moore_007

Jacki Ilse Moore_001

Jacki Ilse Moore_002

Jacki Ilse Moore_003

Jacki Ilse Moore_004

Jacki Ilse Moore_005

Jacki Ilse Moore_008

Jacki Ilse Moore_009

Jacki Ilse Moore_010


Here are some behind-the-scenes images of the day. The rain came down during the shoot leaving us with a beautiful golden glitter on the surface






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