Inspirational imagery by africa's top underwater specialist


"To have your passion stirred up inside you, to be renewed and inspired is a driving force, an oasis, an addiction." 


Water has always been close to Ilse Moore's heart, physically and symbolically. Water is a part of her being; it nourishes, soothes, and it's filled with beautiful mystery. When underwater, the real world fades away for a moment, and the same rules of age, beauty, gravity, and meaning no longer apply.  It offers the opportunity to create a world of her own and becomes her creative playground. The water is Ilse's canvas that she uses to paint, draw and illustrate through photography - creating something new and something that connects us with what we feel around us, the things that make us live, breathe, feel and exist. From the divine connection between a mother and child to a symbol of personal freedom and strength through suspended weightlessness, Ilse creates a space where your inner being's a voice becomes a reality. 

There is so much joy to be found in listening to someone’s story and being able to capture just a small part of who they are
— Ilse Moore

Ilse has always been attracted to surreal imagery and believes that photography as a medium lends a kind of realism to some of these fantasies and ideas, allowing it to exist in closer relationship to the viewer. She loves that it suggests the possibility of an unseen truth. Shooting underwater seemed like the logical next step to finding a balance between the surreal world and her reality. To Ilse, water is a symbolic birthing place where herself and her clients can explore renewal.

Each person I photograph brings a new mood or atmosphere to the shoot
— Ilse Moore | my modern met Online

Meet Ilse.

Ilse is dynamic, vibrant, passionate and warm. Together with her husband, Sean Moore, she runs Ilse Moore Underwater Photography, an underwater studio facility where she explores the possibilities of the underwater world in a controlled and safe environment.