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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can we find your prices?

You can find our pricing options under the SERVICES tab at the top of the page. Simply select an option that suit your needs or browse around! We provide a premium service and love that all our clients walk away with a personal work of art. By using our services, every client makes a meaningful investment in their future that has lasting value. We hope you will make this wonderful investment as well! See you in the water!


Can you shoot in any city?

Yes! Our fully equipped underwater studio is in Beverley Gardens, Johannesburg, South Africa. While we do most of our shoots there, we can travel with a minimal rig to any city!

Depending on your specific needs, we may have to hire a pool at an additional cost.

If you’re traveling from far to our studio, we’ll be happy to set you up in a guesthouse or hotel.


Will I be part of the creative process?

Absolutely! After you’ve made your booking you’ll be part of the conceptualisation process with Ilse Moore and her team. This is typically a three-step process that includes the following:

  • Consultation & Discussion

  • Mood Board & Inspiration

  • Creative Consulting


Can my PARTNER or child join the session?

Yes! Under each category you have the option to include an additional person.

The amount of images will remain the same as stated on the price list, unless you order additional images.

Please keep in mind that adding more people will result in additional costs.


I can’t hold my breath for long…

That’s okay! While your ability to swim is important, we don’t need you to be underwater for longer than a few seconds, especially if you’re pregnant.



How far into my pregnancy do we shoot?

We typically shoot between 24 and 34 weeks, depending on how you carry and how comfortable you will be.



I want to book my own Make-up Artist.

We work with a trusted team of experts who understand the underwater photography process. Underwater make-up is very specialised.

For the best results we suggest you use our in-house artists.

If this is a non-negotiable for you, please have your make-up artist contact us before the shoot.




How do I prepare for modeLling underwater?

We’ll send you a preparation document with some useful tips. We’ll also help you to get comfortable in the water on the day of your shoot. Underwater modelling isn’t so straightforward, so give yourself time to get used to the water and the studio environment. We’ll be there to help you every step of the way!


Do I Have to provide MY Own outfit?

You’re welcome to provide your own outfit! If you have a specific look in mind, please let us know and we’ll work it into your art concept.

We’re connected with studios that keep dresses for hire if it’s not already part of your package. In special cases Ilse Moore may personally create the outfit for your session. These pieces become a part of her available wardrobe for future shoots.


I can’t swim well.

No problem, dear! For underwater studio or pool work you don’t have to be a strong swimmer. However, you do need to have a good sense of familiarity and comfort in the water.

We don’t recommend an underwater shoot for persons who cannot swim at all. This applies to shallow and deep water.

Your safety is our priority. We take the following precautions to ensure you feel safe and sound:

  • supports in the water

  • a platform in the water

  • someone is in the water with you at all times


I’m pregnant. Is shooting underwater safe for me?

Yes! We LOVE maternity shoots! We take every precaution to make the experience easy and comfortable for our mommies. We shoot in a heated pool and ensure that breath holds are kept short. If you’re concerned, please feel free to ask us any more questions during your consultation with us or talk to your physician.



Will the water damage my wedding dress?

No! Our studio water is free from chemicals, UV- treated, and PH balanced, so it’s very kind to fine fabrics! Simply rinse your dress afterwards or have it cleaned by a pro. If you have concerns, please let us know and we’ll consult a professional designer about your dress.

Do I get all the photos taken at the session?

Your selected or customised package determines the amount of final images you receive.

All final images are strictly selected by Ilse Moore, with the planned concept and art series in mind.

We take great care to produce a series of images that compliments one another as well as you, our valued client.

Please note that we don’t provide RAW images.